Model: QZKB1680/1550/1370 /1300 /1150 /920


Product Details:

Feature :

★ import 10.4' colorful LED touch screen, QZKB920(6.3)

★ stored 500groups programs, each group program has 250cutting data's

★ normal program、cycle program、teaching program、mix-program etc. many kinds of programs

★ Manual, semi-automatic, automatic trim three ways

★ Turn on automatic calibration

★ Input/output signal detection

★ Error and fault message.

★ Back-gauge speed can be set to adjust maximum speed: 15 m/min

★ Back-gauge fine tuning and Position paper and found its way position paper

★ Back-gauge repeat positioning accuracy of less than 0.02mm

★ Automatic paper automatic exhaust and air supply

★ import servo system and controlled units.

★ Infrared photoelectric protection、safe-bolt overload protection、Double switch safe-lock Anti-knife slide protection、double-hands cutting buttons、Anti-re cutting protection And other security measures

★ double linear guide、ball screw、Slotless chrome air cushion table

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