MY 1080E Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

Model: MY 1080E


Product Details:

Main Features

MY 1080E Series Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine is a special equipment applying to die cutting of advanced colored boxes made of paper. The machine combines several advantages over many other die cutters both at home and abroad. Gripper bars with high intensity are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. Frontal, back and side registration mechanism ensures great precision of die cutting. Other parts are adopted such as intermittent mechanism with high precision, air clutch, pneumatic locking mechanism, programmable controller and man-machine interface. The interface can display various digital information of machine such as working speed, total running time etc. It is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting. Transducer is adopted to control the main motor in achieving stepless speed variation. The machine has a lot of sensors and safe-ensuring devices to guarantee the safety to operator and the environment.



Technical Parameter



Max. Paper Size


Min. Paper Size


Max. Cutting Size


Max. Cutting Speed


Sheet Thickness

(corrugated board)≤4mm 

Max. Pressure


Total Power


Total Weight


Overall Dimension




Machine speed depends on paper quality thickness
his catalogue is for reference only, specification may be changed without prior notice.

Partial Introduction

Main Chain Driver: Germany Main Chain Driver, Taiwanese Intermittent Mechanism Drive. The imported divider and clutch makes chain to run intermittently to ensure the safety to man and reduce the damages to the machine.

Crank Shaft: They adopts high quality steel alloy specially processed to ensure high precision, long working hours and low abrasion.

Man-machine Interface: The high-resolving power interface in machine can inspect working state of the machine and display all information. It is convenient and reliable for machine's adjusting and trouble-shooting.

Pneumatlc Clutch: Adopt imported pneumatic clutch, long life and low noise, braking stable.

Side Lay: Teh side lay, after special design, contains push and pull. You can choose the proper one according to different products with no need of changing parts. There is little movement of paper while the side lay is working and no worn for paper that contribute to transfering paper in high speed.

Gripper Bars: The gripper bar is made of hard aluminum alloy with its surface treated by anode oxidation. It is with high intensity, little weight and intertia. Sheet's transferring can be finished with great precision in high speed.

Paper Delivery Part: Paper's delivery is automatic and orderly. Efficiency can be greatly increased as the vice delivery device in running time is adopted. Paper sheets to be cut can be checked anytime in running with the sampling mechanism.

Electric Control: Teh machine is controlled by OMRON PLC. All the electric parts are either from Japan, France, Germany, or Taiwan. The man machine interface provides accureate working states of the machine.

Paper Feeding Part: The sheet separa-tor is reliable and the feeder is fast and stable. There are 4-8 sukers suitable for various thickness of paper. The special vice feeding mechanism and its relative suggestive system ensures continuous feeding in running time. Collection of paper to paper delivery utilizes Taiwan Chengbang Speed- Reducing Motor.

Paper Conveying Part: The pressure of the paper conveying belt can easily be adjusted to ensure the constant conveying of paper to the desired position with little break down time. The paper conveying belts are imported and rubber pressers and the hair pressers are high wear-resisting.

Die-cutting part: The die and the die-cutting plate are specially designed for safe, easy to operate. The penumatic locking device makes the fixing of the plate strong, accurate and time-saving.

Feeder: The feeder adopts the European technology with four suckers and four blowers. The suckers are adjustable to ensure the steady conveying of different type and shape of paper without stopping the machine. The easy to be adjusted functions can do thin and thick paper for an accurate convey.

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