MSQ-E High Precision Face Knife Sharpener

Model: MSQ-E


Product Details:

MSQ-E high precision face knife sharpener can be grind the knife surface and sharp the knife edge, Which adopting hydraulic auto-feeding stepless speed control and rolling beeline guide rail . This sharpening machine can change the edge degrees which can make the paper cutter-section without any corrugation and entending the edge service life.

Liquid-Scrap Separator

Hydraulic pumping station system

Electric control panel

Electric control box

Rolling beeline guide rail


Main Specification

Item Names Major Parameters Models
MSQ-1650E MSQ-2200E
1 Max. Grinding Length 1680mm 2200mm
2 Dimension of Grinding Wheel Φ 200 x Φ100 x 100
3 Polishing Disk Size Φ 140mm x6
4 Max Grinding Width 200mm
5 Rotation Angle of Worktable 0〜土 90°
6 Moving Speed Of Grinding Head 2-15M/(min)
7 Auto Knife Feeding Amount Fine Grinding 0.0075〜0.05mm
Rough Grinding 0.0075〜0.05mm
8 Weight 2.5T 3T
9 Outside Dimensions(L x Wx H)mm 3400X1100X1550mm 4100 X1100X1550mm


Burr Removing Completely With Polishing Disc:
to Increase the cut duration and decrease the number of changing cutter

Beeline guide rail:
To decrease the abrasion and keep the precision of the machine tool

Hydraulic stroke system:
to adopt the advanced hydraulic device, stroke speed controllable and moving smoothly

Guide rail protecting cover:
to prevent the dust and small stones from dropping into the rail causing the damage of guide rail

Special grinding head:
adjustable in axial and radial direction and always be kept at optimal precision

Mighty magnetic force sucking disc:
to flat the blade evenly, decreasing the labor intension

Electric box:
exported electric appliance

Mezzo intension cast iron lathe bed:
to eliminate deformation and keep the machine stable during working

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