Let us die cutting and sell your best-test creation to the world-wide market! For over 17 years we’ve been pioneering in the die cutting and die making industry as one of the leading providers of creasing matrix and pneumatic waste stripper and others for box maker and die maker around the globe. From creasing matrix to die cutting & die making, we offer solutions for small and large companies alike.
Our customers range from large local box maker or die maker to small or big dealers for die cutting and die making. We deliver our materials and tools and machines worldwide and provide premium service all over the globe. No other company in the industry offers this degree of flexibility and personalized customer care!

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How to choose steel cutting rule, steel creasing rule and paper?

The height of steel cutting rule =the height of steel creasing rule+ the thickness of paper(corrugated paper after compression)

How to choose creasing matrix?

cardboard : the height of creasing matrix=paper thickness
the width of creasing matrix =paper thickness*1.5+the thickness of creasing rule

corrugated:the height of creasing matrix = corrugated paper thickness(corrugated paper after compression)
the width of creasing matrix = corrugated paper after compression *2+ the thickness of creasing rule

How to choose ejection rubber?

  1. Keep a distance of about 1.0mm between the ejection rubber and steel cutting rule.
  2. On the board, the quantity, hardness and height of ejection rubber should be evenly distributed in each position.
  3. Large areas without steel cutting rule should be properly arranged ejection rubber, so that the board can bear the average die cutting pressure.

How to solve creasing matrix change position?

  1. Reinforce 502 glue after installing and polish;
  2. Use the width of base is 12mm,with a hypotenuse off-center type of creasing matrix.

How to solve paper burrs?

On the die cutting board symmetrical paste white sprint rubber。
replace the steel cutting rule with smooth cutting rule, then symmetrically paste white sprint rubber.

How to solve creasing trauma ?

Increase the base width of creasing matrix.

How to solve the die cutting burst line and burst color?

Burst line:

  1. Avoid side by side steel creasing rule creasing;
  2. Use creasing matrix with chamfered edges;
  3. Use reverse bend creasing matrix at the same time with aluminum film。
    Burst color:use reverse bend creasing matrix or pressboard based creasing matrix.

How to solve the box angle is not good?

Increase the radian of the box angle is not good on the die cutting board;
The distance of the creasing matrix is close to the edge of the Angle.

How to reduce trumpet mouth, cover line, molding irregularities?

  1. Use reverse bend creasing matrix;
  2. Use U-shaped creasing matrix