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Hi this is
Cindy Zhang.

You can call me CZ. – the Sales Director of bjgraphica.com.

We are a company making creasing matrix,ejection rubber, pneumatic waste stripper and other related die cutting and die making accessories and tools, especially to serve for a box maker or die maker or dealers for packaging & printing industry.


Our clients have the freedom to create the perfect solution for their business.


Our materials and equipment are industry-leading, with high energy-efficiency ratings and low maintenance requirements.


We never lose sight of what’s important to you, which is peace of mind in knowing your systems are always running smoothly.

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Our knowledgeable sales team looks forward to discussing your needs and providing you with an unparalleled level of service.

I have several positions

On the one hand, I am responsible for the sales of Beijing Graphica.
On the other hand, I am writing down my years’ experience in the die cutting and die making industry and shared it with all interested people.
Beginning in 2010, with creasing matrix,ejection rubber and pneumatic carton waste stripper,I began to specialize in packaging industry.
The reason was straightforward: we need to package our future and our live,and the business had to thrive indefinitely.After many years learning and experiencing,I’ve also advanced from a novice to a pro.

  • Analyze finished box problem and recommend proper die cutting and die making solution,
  • Create factory layouts if customers buy the creasing matrix production line,
  • Die cutting and die making troubleshooting,
  • Analysis of the supply chain,
  • Plan and execute marketing strategies.

I guess I’ve been involved in each aspect of the entire die cutting and die making business chain.
People in every sector have made a great fortune, as you are aware.
We, for example, provide a variety of materials & tools & machines.

  • Creasing matrix & creasing matrix cutter,
  • Pneumatic carton waste stripper & nick grinder,
  • Ejection sponge rubber ,
  • Steel rule for flat and rotary die ,
  • Manual Steel rule bender, cutter, notcher and puller,
  • Plywood
  • Stripping pin

Some focuses on related commodities.

  • Labels,
  • Films,
  • Preforms,
  • Papers,
  • Inks,
  • Rubber Blanket,
  • Paper cutting machine,
  • And many other parts etc;

Furthermore, some even gone above and beyond the printing and packaging sector.
Since I was a youngster, one of my ambitions has been to be a teacher when I’m old.
Teaching people about what I know.
Little by little, I’m fulfilling this ambition.
Recording, classifying, categorizing, summarizing and interpreting the knowledge I’ve acquired.
I feel accomplished when others are able to accomplish things with my assistance.
Of course, while assisting others, I am also advancing toward my own success.
According to an old adage, “sharing is learning!”
I’m excited to work together with you guys and continue to learn, share and achieve my own objectives.

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Company core value

1. We believe in being a flexible, customer-driven partner.
2. We believe in delivering value through innovation.
3. We believe in speed-to-market
4. We believe everything starts, and ends, with quality
5. We believe in becoming an extension of our customers’team.
6. We believe in an open and honest relationship.
7. We do not believe in shortcuts
If you prioritize our company core value as above, then we’re the team for you.

Qualifications and Honors

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