Economic Pneumatic Waste Stripper

Graphica® manual pneumatic waste stripper is advanced handy tool for paper stripping after die cutting.

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Graphica® manual pneumatic waste stripper is advanced handy tool for paper stripping after die cutting.

Mainly used raw materials are

  • high alloy tool steel (Taiwan imported motor)
  • White steel(chain of teeth)
  • Stainless steel(outer cover)

Our products are available as

  • regular strong waste stripper(silver color)
  • extra strong waste stripper(orange color)


  1. Artificial stripping to 3 hours, stripping machine 10 to 30 minutes to complete, greatly shorten the delivery cycle;
  2. The stripping machine structure is compact, the weight and portable polishing machine is the same as the common used, use very convenient, men and women after simple training can operation;
    The damage of adhesive part
  3. Clear the waste, improve the efficiency of process after the (automatic posting box/packaging);
  4. The stripping machine power supply adopts Taiwan pneumatic motor, there is no carton brush like ordinary hand-held polisher damageable problem,and good safety, equipment long service life;
  5. The tooth chain of stripping machine adopts high strength alloy steel after heat treatment process, high hardness, wear resistance,long service life, and easy to replace;
  6. Reducing the occurrence of industrial injury, and other outside, Such as wrist, back, shoulder injuries and repetitive operation motion
  7. Three different teeth chain for various cardboard box or corrugated carton stripping as following:


Picture Model Characteristics


GR-3500Regular model Dimension: 450x180x200mm

Rotation Speed:3500RPM

Equipped with: Hose/Tool/Oil bottle

Air Pressure:0.65-0.8MPa

Air Consumption:12 CFM


Warranty Period:12months for machine only


1.  Durable use of chain as one side tube can input the waste gas to chain part, make it cooler to lessen wear.



Weight: 8kgs

Daily maintenance:

  1. Pls put some oil to the chain every four hours.
  2. Pls add a few drops tool oil or white mineral oil every eight hours to the end gas inflow part.

Instructions of High-performance Pneumatic Waste Stripper

Part I. How to use Pneumatic waste stripper properly.

  1. Pneumatic waster stripper needs at least 5p air compressor or above with large enough connected pipes. Ensure the powerful rotation of the wheel.
  2. First, make sure that the pneumatic waste stripper is connected with the air source; ensure the air pressure is 8kgs and the air pipe can work normally at 8*12m/m with maximum length of 15 meters. Otherwise it cannot work.
  3. Turn on the sliding switch before work, or adjust the pressure valve to the maximum.
  4. Inject special pneumatic tool oil or white mineral oil at air inlet of the waste stripper, lubricate air motor.
  5. Press the platen and begin to work.
  6. Stack the cardboard papers which need to remove the waste part neatly and four sides in flat.
  7. Drive the chain using hand, check whether it can roll freely before open the air pressure. Press the top of the cardboard stack using iron plate. The four sides of the cardboard must have cutting edge. The distance of the cutting edges should be fit the cardboard stacking position. Arrange appropriate gap on the cutting edges, make sure waste part connects with the products. So strip the waste corner must ≥5mm, easy to make breakpoint.
  8. Pneumatic waste stripper is different with other pneumatic tools. It need a week run-in period. And maintain unimpeded sliding between chain and sprocket wheel. Each half day drop a few drops of oil on the chain, to reduce friction and prolong its service time.
  9. Before use each time, drop 3-4 drops of pneumatic tool oil on the air inlet of waste stripper, and idling for 2-3 seconds.
  10. Pneumatic waste stripper is a precision pneumatic tool. Please don’t throw it hardly. Waste stripper’s maintenance is more important than repairs.


Part II Announcements when use the waste stripper:   

  1. Pls carefully read the constructions before use, to fully understand the usage method to ensure safety & correct operation way.
  2. It’s prohibited that users modify the machine & design privately, and employ unauthorized attachments or spare parts which may cause harm to human or machine.
  3. Pls ware glasses in case broken debris fly to eyes unexpectedly. Do not forget to put on facial mask or equipments when do the operations, maintenance or exchange spare parts.
  4. Waste stripper shall cause higher volume when in operation, pls ware standard ear protection device.
  5. When disassemble and install the machine, pls use your hand to control the waste stripper itself and the air inflow connection joint to do it.
  6. Higher air pressure shall lead to danger which may cause short life time for the machine. Pls set the air pressure to CM² or according to the instructions request.
  7. Pls immediately stop using the waste stripper when do the long repetition jobs, or uncomfortable position and vibration which results in fatigue ,numb and painfulness to the body partially or wholly
  8. Pls avoid to prolonged keep the gas to work area of walkway clothes as any slip will bring to harm.
  9. When the waste stripper is out of work, exchange the spare parts or do the maintenance. Pls turn off the gas supply, meanwhile separate the machine & gas source.
  10. Do not ware any jewelry, scarf, ties or loose clothes and long air in case drift into the rotary machine will creates serious harm to human body.
  11. When the machine is at work, it shall give rise to stronger impact force, pls make sure adequate power to hold on the working tool.
  12. We suggest customers use air filter combination to be connected to the air pressure machine output terminal for filtering water. Pls do carefully read our instructions when use our product.

Part III FAQ when use the waste stripper

  1. Pls ensure to add some gear chain oil timely as it takes about one week for run-in period.
  2. Waste stripper did not rotate

(1) Lower air pressure, or without installation of oil water separator shall cause rusty generator. Pls spray WD-40 anti rust agent to do the cleaning.

(2)When there is over tightness or with gear stuck, pls disassemble the outer cover, adjust the sliding block to check whether the chain and gear is out of order.

(3)Pneumatic motor blade wear, please replace the blade.

(4)When the waste stripper is at work, the shredded paper will stuck into the chain. Pls take off the gas source and drop a few chain oils. Then use hand to make the chain rotate until the paper coming out. At the same time, the chain shall work by itself.

  1. When the waste stripper works weakly

(1) Not enough air source pressure, pls check the air pressure and adjust

(2) Whether the Sliding switch is broken or not, Pls change it if necessary.

(3) Motor blade is with heavy ware, pls change it to 4 pieces.

(4) The chain is too tight, pls loosen the chain to suitable position to ensure non resistance sliding.

(5) Whether the bearings are broken. Pls use high quality imported gears.

(6) Pls add a few drops pneumatic tool oil to the air inlet to keep the blades  smooth.

(7) Due to a large number dust will be occurred after using, pls work with a dust blowing gun to ensure that the chain is clean and tidy.

  1. Waste stripper cannot work

(1) Pls suitably adjust the paper grasp direction to best paper stripping position when the waste stripper unable to grasp paper,

(2) Pls change the chain when it’s wear out and unable to catch the paper.

(3)Pls adjust the sliding screw to suitable position and fix it firmly when the chain is loose. Pay attention to the length that is precise.


  1. Waste Stripper
  2. Positive & negative quick connection joint
  3. Air oil feeder
  4. Air filter
  5. Pressure adjustor
  6. Male & Female quick connection joint
  7. Automatic draining device
  8. Air dryer
  9. Air compressor

RemarksPls add a few 40# machine oil to the chain each time before use and make it work non load for one minute. Any violation of this requirement will result in severe wear of chain teeth and life time reduction.

After use, pls clean up the waste on the chain and put some 40# generator oil. Keep it in a dry environment; otherwise the spare parts shall go rusty.