Graphica PVC

What substrates can we crease?

We can crease any substrate

  • Paper
  • Folding Box Board
  • Corrugated
  • Litho Laminated


  1. Used more than 77 countries worldwide. World’s most advanced creasing matrix made from plastic, pressboard and pink fiber and resin for various die cutting jobs.
  2. Accurate locator – ensures perfect registration
  3. Low profile chamfer – board flows freely over the matrix; board marking is reduced
  4. Finger lift adhesive tape – backing paper easily and quickly removed
  5. New and strong adhesive removes cleanly from the plate after use, will not move about during die cutting jobs
  6. Special sizes available to suit all board types, off-centers and multi-crease for close creasing rule
  7. It is extremely durable and accurate and provides benefits in time and cost.


Series Plastic based Creasing Matrix
Type Standard/Narrow/Off-center/Double
Material PVC base with plastic shoulder
Punching Time 10,000-30,000 times
Application Developed for small and medium print runs
Packing 70cm/pc,50pcs/box,10boxes/carton
Storage Period 6 months to 2 years
Notes Matrix in rolls is available upon demands
  • Plastic (PVC) –easy to extrude & chamfer, good durability, cannot delaminate
  • Pressboard – expensive, easy to chamfer, stronger durability, can delaminate
  • Pink fibre – very resistant and durable, easy to chamfer, expensive
  • Pertinax – the most durable product available but only available in smaller thicknesses and not all sizes. Impossible to chamfer, can use sand paper to chamfer.

Operation Procedure

  1. Measure the length of the creasing rule
  2. Mark the measurement and cut the matrix
  3. Mount the cutting piece into the creasing rule with locator
  4. Remove all of the backing tapes
  5.  Transfer the matrix to the die cutting steel plate
  6. Remove all of the locators
  7.  Miter the sharp angle

Calculation Formula

Method to choose creasing matrix size for cardboard paper. Size table ( subject to 23.8 mm die-cutting rules)

For instance: the thickness of the cardboard: 0.52mm; the thickness of creasing rules: 0.71mm, according to calculation formula: A=0.52≈0.5(mm); B=0.52 x 1.5 +0.71 = 1.49 ≈1.5(mm),so we should choose the size of 0.5 x 1.5.

Method to choose creasing matrix size for corrugated paper. Size table ( subject to 23.8 mm die-cutting rules)

Remarks: the above blanks just for reference and the exact specification suitable for your job should be chosen according to your actual conditions and material thickness.

Size Table

Plastic-based Size Table