Graphica Reverse Bend Matrix

What substrates can we crease?

We can crease any substrate

  • Paper
  • Folding Box Board
  • Corrugated
  • Litho Laminated

Perfect solution for reverse crease, e. g. accordion folding, cutting from the reverse side; in corrugated board converting with cutting from the reverse side in inline machines.

The special locator centres the reverse crease exactly between the creasing rules; thus the crease and reverse crease are of the same quality.

The perfect solution for premium reverse crease how it is often used for inline cutting of corrugated board. Example: cutting from the reverse side of Leporellos.
Due to the specially developed transfer profile for variable distances of creasing rules the correct creasing parameters can be used. Result: Crease and reverse crease in convincing top quality.

Calculation of Reverse Crease
distance of creasing rules:

d = (g x 1.5) + c (for solid board)
d = (g x 2.0) + c (for corrugated board)
creasing rule height:
h = f – (g + a)

transfer profile for variable distances of creasing rules

a = base height of reverse crease
b = nib height of reverse crease
c = nib width of reverse crease
d = distance of creasing rules
e = width of reverse crease
f = cutting rule height (23.8 mm)
g = thickness of material *
* in the case of corrugated board
= compressed material thickness

h = creasing rule height

We recommend using the creasing rules reversed in the cutting die.