Hand Held Inner Hole Stripper Tool

Deluxe Pack Inner Hole Stripping Tool

Graphica® manual inner hole stripping tool is advanced handy tool for paper stripping after die cutting.


Use and Maintenance

Hand-held Pneumatic Inner hole Stripping tool
1. Before/after each use, you need to drop 3 drops of pneumatic tool oil or diesel oil to the air inlet, plug in the air pipe and press a few times. (If used continuously for a long time, it is advisable to drop once every 2 hours)
2. After connecting the air source, grasp the top with your palms and press down vertically to start working.
3. During in use, always check whether the punching pin is locked firmly or not, and lock it immediately if it is loose.
4. When not in use, unplug the connector or turn off the air source in time.
5. If there is any malfunction, please stop using it and repair it in time or contact us.