Pertinax Cutting Machine

The product is a preferable choice for stripping process after die cutting, such as tags, labels, paper cups, medicine packages, wine packages, cosmetic packages and so on. It saves labor, improve the product quality, and increase the production efficiency.

1.Model: Pertinax Milling Machine Pertinax-1010S
The above price is EX-work price including sea package and tax.
Payment: TT.40% for order,60%before delivery.
Delivery:30-50 working days(normal is 30days after receive deposit,please confirm when order)
Note: Machines are covered with 12-months warranty, except consuming parts.  Onsite installation and training services are included.  The customer is required to cover the costs of VISA,air ticket and accommodation of the technical staff for onsite service..or buyer can come to seller company to be trained.(suggest to have the video and internet installation and training during the COVID period,already finished installation and training more than 15 customers by videos and internet in 2020)
Item 1:Pertinax-1010S is single spindle milling machine for Pertinax counter.
Item 2: oscillating tool is an option for pertinax 1010s. it is used for rubber cutting and sample making
The standard of pertinax tools shank diameter is 3.175MM.if your local knife shank diameter is not the same,please contact us to before order.
The standard power supply of machine is 3phase 380V±5%\50/60HZ.if customer local power doesn’t match,customer need to prepare transformer/ voltage stabilizer.or request seller help to purchase.


Item Parameters
1 Spindle speed Rotating speed 1000-60000RPM
2 Spindle power 1.8 KW
3 Cutting speed 3000mm/min
4 Working area 1060mm*1080mm
5 Cutting tolerance ±0.03mm
6 Spindle tolerance <0.005mm
7 Repeat tolerance ±0.01mm
8 Tool tolerance <0.005mm
9 File Format DXF,CF2
10 Table height 1.1m
11 Operate style Follow-up&CNC
12 Power supply Three phase 380V±5%\50/60HZ
13 Oscillating tool for cutting rubber Optional
14 Plot(Draw) Optional
16 Sample making Optional

1.We develop our own Pertinax counter making machine software, it can automatically generate creasing line according Dieboard figures before cutting.
2.Equipped with 1.8KW auto change tool high speed spindle and 6 tools to slot,position hole,chamfer,cut off and mark.Our software automatically generates best paths to produce high quality and efficient products.
3.Z-axis adopts exclusive design control mode,auto aligning instrument and follow-up processing adjust the depth to ensure the operation simplicity and steady slotting depth.It can effectively avoid the depth control difficulties of other control methods and reduce the problems caused by materials. We are the first one.
4.Oscillating tool option for cutting rubber function.excellent effect for rubber cutting.
5.High efficiently vacuum design to keep the surface clean.
6.Complete machine hardware interlock protection, preventing from the wrong signals to damage spindle.

Spare part :

1 pertinax sheet 0.5/0.6, 2sheets for each
2 depth micro meter 1set
3 air pipe 10MM*5
4 slot tool 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5,         2PCS for each
5 position hole tool 3MM * 2PCS
6 chamfer tool 6.5MM * 2PCS
7 cut off tool 120°* 2PCS
8 tool seat 6 SET
9 position pin 200 SET
10 rubber cutting knife 2PCS(10MM thickness)

2.Multi-functions pertinax making machine to realize one machine can do more jobs.

3.Rubber cutting comparison between oscillating tool and water-jet.
Machine price is much lower than water-jet.
Lower consumption than water-jet, oscillating tool is about 6KW,water-jet is about 30KW.
Smooth cutting effect, no need to wait for rubber dry, directly use after oscillating tool cutting.
No pollution for environment by oscillating tool cutting.
Low maintenance cost and tool consumption for the oscillating tool.our rubber cutting is widely used for cigarette box,medicine box,cosmetics box and some related high quality box.